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BULLETIN (Revised 8/6/2018)

  • Always check the "Alternates List" posted on this website as it contains all the changes up to now and is the most current version. You can find the alternates list here on the Rosters Page.
  • Changes as of 08/02/18. John olsen is no longer an alternate but please add to your alternate list, Don & Maureen Witte: 630-341-3186.
  • Please be advised - as of 06/28/2018, Joyce & Hank Jaffe have played their last match as alternates. They are moving to freeport. So please remove them from your alternate list.
  • As of 06/15/2018, team #27 will not play the rest of the season. Subseqently any team scheduled to play Team #27 will be on a BYE that week. So please check your schedules. Also, for any team that is on a BYE, the players may become alternates for that date. Regular alternates still play first, but as you well know, we never seem to have enough. Additionally, John and Elieen olsen will become regular alternates as of 06/28/2018. Their phone # are listed on your phone list or in the LSA phone book.


In 2018 we have a 21 week schedule with a May 3rd start, July 5th picnic, September 27th playoffs and October 4th Banquet. This year, we started with 34 teams but one team had to drop out in the middle of the season. We now have 33 teams and 12 alternates finishing the season. So far, it has been another great season - so lets play!


In 2005 two bocce ball courts were constructed at Lake Summerset for the use of all Lake Summerset residents and lot owners. It created another three-season outdoor activity facility for all ages. The courts are located at the south side of the lake between the swimming pool and the tennis courts. During the playing season a set of bocce balls furnished by the Bocce Club may be checked out at the front gate and used by any Lake Summerset resident or lot owner.The Bocce Club of Lake Summerset was formed with approximately 75 members and competition games began in 2005. Third and fourth courts (2006-2010) and four 10x 20 shade tents (2007-2008) were purchased and installed by volunteer club members as the club grew to 161 members by 2012. Additional shade tents are in the future plans for the comfort of our growing membership.

The Bocce Club of Lake Summerset is a social and outdoor game club. The Bocce Club is open to all Lake Summerset residents and lot owners. We have the courts reserved on Thursdays, May through September, and play regularly scheduled games starting at 10:00 A.M. each week. Season membership fee is $10.00 per person and $1.00 for each week of play. These dues are mainly used for season-end banquets and team prizes. We invite you to join us as a team player or as a substitute player. A fun summer member participation league and a good place to meet some of your Lake Summerset neighbors.


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