April 2021 Newsletter

Hooray, it is almost time for Bocce. On April 1st and every Thursday until the start of play, Louise and I will be at the courts at 9:45 A.M. for Spring Training. Come join us for some fun practice. If the weather is questionable, just call. We do not mind and enjoy the contact. At this time, we anticipate 24 teams, a full 21 week schedule, and play similar to last year. We still have teams and individuals that have yet to pay dues. It is imperative to have a complete list before the schedule is written. The April meeting will not be allowed, and I will be calling as needed. This is our last request for all players. If Louise or I do not hear from you, I will be calling you! Your team leadership will meet in April to decide how to proceed in 2021.

Making friends through Bocce is a big part of playing. The Bocce Club is open to all Lake Summerset adult residents and lot owners. We have the courts reserved on Thursdays, May through September, and play regularly scheduled games starting at 9:45 A.M. each week.

More good news on our bigger and better Website, go to LSBocce.club to preview and get more current information.
Schedules will be posted here first, by May 3rd.

Randy Myers, President