August 2018 Newsletter

Ten weeks played and good weather has prevailed making for some fast and interesting court conditions. One rain out so far and there is one unbeaten team, The B.J.'s, they are last years winner and they are good. Only five teams with two losses and two teams with three losses.. It is still up for grabs because on any given day a team can get hot and win - just ask team Tigers.

Effective immediately, team #27 will not play the rest of the season. Any team scheduled to play Team #27 will be on a BYE that week. So please check your schedules and available at website LSBOCCE.Club . The twelve o'clock game has been moved to that time slot. Call Gerry if you have any concerns. For any team that is on a BYE, the players become alternates for that date. Regular alternates still play first, but we never seem to have enough. John and Eileen Olsen have become regular alternates and their phone # is listed on your phone list or in the LSA phone book. Please be advised, Joyce & Hank Jaffe have played their last match as alternates. They have moved to Freeport so please remove them from your alternate list. Best of luck to Hank and Joyce.

Another great luncheon at the lodge on July 5th with 125 members enjoying food catered by The Fire Barn. Thank you again Lenny Pelligrini for working with them on the food order, for setting up and the drinks. Thank You to our servers and volunteers - you do an amazing job.

Just a reminder to all players to arrive 30 minutes early for your game because some games go fast and we do not want open courts. We also have the occasional cancellation, but if Gerry knows ahead of time, we try to move start times. If you are concerned about the heat, it is an individual team decision, and we treat it as any other makeup game. Call the opposing team, and then call Gerry. We will do whatever is necessary to get the game played later.

One more thing. Did you know that Bocce is played at Special Olympic competitions and is one of 24 events played at the Special Olympics Summer World Games?

Randy Myers, President