March 2022 Newsletter

We are on track to get improvements done at the courts and assistance will be needed. Expect a call in March to discuss your availability and get scheduled, because we are starting April 4th.

Please pay your dues by sending them to Louise Clay or call (815-248-1072) and drop them off. Checks need to be made payable to LSBocce at $10 per person and then $1 per week of play or (preferably) $30 per person and $0 per week for the season. Last year we played some fun games in October and because it went well look for us to do the same in April, Gerry calls it spring training.

The Bocce Club is open to all Adult Lake Summerset residents and lot owners. We have the courts reserved on Thursdays, May through September, and play regularly scheduled games starting at 10:00 A.M. each week. We invite you to join us as a team player or as an alternate player. A fun summer member participation league and a good place to meet some of your Lake Summerset neighbors.

Randy Myers, President