May 2018 Newsletter

In 2018 we have a 21 week schedule with a May 3rd start, July 5th picnic, September 27th playoffs and October 4th Banquet.  The league organizational meeting for all members was April 12th at noon at the lodge and was well attended. We have a great group and anxious to play.

Team lists are done and it is all good news. We have 34 teams and 12 alternates- WOW. The schedule is complete and will be available soon. For the team lists and the schedule go to and after the first week of play and thereafter you will see standings and recaps.

If you use a computer or smartphone, the website is very accessible and easy to use. Rocky and Susan donated the first years usage fees (Thank You) and it is a much better site than in the past. This is also the site linked from

If you do not use the website, do not fret, because we are still using the paper copies, bulletin board and laminated information at the courts. Thank you for your vote of confidence in the planning team and let's play!