November 2018 Newsletter

The results are in! Congratulations to The B G's on there First Place finish. Team members Ted and Joan Gargantiel with Gerry and Marcine Bernar played fantastic this season and finished with 16 wins and 3 losses.

They then won their playoff game against The Wall Bangers who finished in Second Place. That kind of record is very difficult because of the high quality of play, and they need to be commended.

Second Place went to The Wall Bangers with team members Ann Kriegler and Gene Smith, Bob and Bernice Bertacchi.

Third Place went to Balls on Ya - Ed and Vicki Herrman, Susan and Rocky Hukle.

Fourth Place finishers are The Lawn Rangers - Janice and Gary Gullikson (missing) with Lennie and Bruce Pelligrini. The playoff for third and fourth was a hotly contested game, one of the best of the year and went down to the last point. We had a great turnout just to watch!

Elections went smoothly again this year. President is Randy Myers, Vice President is Bruce Pellegrini, Secretary is Lennie Pelligrini, Treasurer is Louise Clay, Scheduling and Player Development is Gerry Bernar, Internet and Social Media is Rocky Hukle. I need to give a big shout out to Chuck Wiley for his time serving as Vice President- Thank You for your service.

One thing that continues to make LS Bocce Ball Club the best is the support of the leadership team and players. They know how to get it done and are always willing and available. What a great banquet headed by Lennie Pelligrini and with so many people volunteering to help. The courts are always groomed and ready to play thanks to Chuck Wiley and his maintenance crew. Schedules and sign ins proceed smoothly thanks to Gerry Bernar and Louise Clay. We hope that everyone returns in 2019 and we are encouraged by fifty one early sign ups. It is very easy to join us by calling Louise Clay at 815-248-1072, we can help find you a team or place you as an alternate. Our website is LSBOCCE.CLUB.

The Bocce Club is open to all Lake Summerset adult residents and lot owners and we have the courts reserved on Thursdays, May through September, and play regularly scheduled games starting at 10:00 A.M. each week. Season membership fee is $10.00 per person and $1.00 for each week of play. These dues are used for summer picnic, season-end banquets, court maintenance and team prizes.

Randy Myers, President