Bocce Ball Club Rules

  1. All players need to be present 30 minutes prior to scheduled start time or be pushed to a later time. The exception to this rule willl be the 10:00 am starters please be 20 minutes early.
  2. Season dues are $10 each and each day of play is $1 each.
  3. A team may start their match with two members and late team members may join if alternates haven’t been picked.
  4. All players need to sign in as to let the treasurer and the scheduler know they are present.
  5. If a member wishes to be an alternate on any game day they may do so only after their scheduled game or if their team is not playing that day. ( regular alternates play first.)
  6. All times (45 minutes) will start at the time your court is announced. So make it a point to be at your court site ahead of schedule. Whom ever leads after 45 minutes is the winner.
  7. If for any reason you can not play your scheduled match. With your opposing teams permission, you may postpone your match. These games must be made up before the month of september or these teams will not qualify for the play-offs.
  8. If any teams reschedule a postponed game they are still responsible for the game day dues and reporting your score
  9. If you know that your entire team will not be present any week during the month of September you may make up these games ahead of schedule but if it rains no games count. No postponed games for the month of September. See rule #7
  10. No games can be played before the scheduled start time (10:00am) on game days but may be played after all games have been played. Or any other day or time of the week.

Bocce Ball Court Rules

  1. Each player may toss the pallino any distance; however, the pallino must pass the center-line of the court.
  2. If a player fails to toss the pallino over the center-line of the court within three tosses, the pallino reverts to the other team.
  3. During play, if the pallino goes out of the playing area, the frame is replayed.
  4. When the pallino is in play, players must remain off the court.
  5. Players may step on, but not over the foul line when releasing the pallino or bocce balls.
  6. If a player throws a ball out of turn, that ball is disqualified but not to displace any balls that were moved or if a player throws the wrong color bocce ball just switch that ball with the right color ball again not to displace any balls that where moved and continue play.
  7. If a bocce ball leaves the court that ball is disqualified but all other balls must stay in play at their new location if they were moved.
  8. When measuring, only one player from each team is permitted on the courts.
  9. Try to keep measuring to a minimum.
  10. It is the responsibility of the losing team to brush the courts once match is completed. And please hang the broom - not to leave it sit on its bristles.